Ffynone House School Science and Technology Fair

Year 8 show superb self-study skills at Science and Technology Fair

Year 8 have been working hard since Christmas on their self-directed Science Projects. Their aim was to learn about the scientific method through a topic that interested them. Every student was assigned a mentor from the Science Department to provide support.  Part of the challenge was to make a display board to include a description of their process and their results.

We had projects about stealth planes, generating electricity in an apocalypse and factors that affect how quickly waste decomposes. One pupil even designed and programmed a working App, designed to help people with food allergies translate their needs in foreign countries.

Mr Hillier, Physics teacher and Year 8 form tutor, provided the students with a working knowledge of the scientific process and guided them in their topic choices.  He has introduced this initiative to raise the profile of STEM and encourage students develop a more autonomous approach to their studies.

Year 8 certainly did not disappoint.  Not only had they put great thought into their projects but many showed a real pride in the quality of their display work.   When presenting their ideas to Year 7, they showed a clear understanding of the terminology associated with the scientific process.  They were also able to articulate their findings clearly and answer questions about how their findings were relevant to today’s society.  Their enthusiasm was evidence of how much they had enjoyed the task.

Winners (pictured)

1st Prize – Shane: How stealth can you get?

2nd Prize – Padraig: Allergyst App.

3rd Prize – Ossian: How quickly do everyday takeaway materials decompose?

Best idea – Adam: Energy in the Zombie Apocalypse.

Best board – Ieaun: The force of an Air Gun

Best presentation – Oliver: Does packaging affect healthy eating?