FHS Y7 Teambuilding

Year 7 creativity and team-building day

As a family school, we like new students to feel at home as quickly as possible. With this in mind, new Year 7 students were treated to a creativity and team-building day during their second week of term. Pupils enjoyed spending the day exploring their artistic potential and honing their problem-solving skills.

FHS Year 7 Creativity and Teambuilding DayFollowing discussions about dragons in mythology, film and novels, students first created their own mythical creatures as pencil drawings. They were then guided by Mrs Trenoweth on the use of watercolour to enhance their dragon’s characteristics and communicate elements of its personality.

Finer details were later added in black ink. Poems and creative descriptions were also developed to accompany their artwork.

The afternoon demanded a more interactive, energetic approach as Miss Prosser put students through their paces in a series of challenging problem-solving and team-building activities. Hula-hoops, shoe-laces, lollipop sticks and sticky tape featured in various scenarios including bridge-building and balancing. Students needed to demonstrate leadership and co-operation with their new peers in order to achieve the outcomes successfully.

Our newest recruits rose to the occasion with gusto, producing some stunning artwork and taking a mature approach to team-working. They showed real potential and we are looking forward to seeing them grow and develop as part of our Ffynone House family.