Walking in Dylan’s footsteps

As part of their studies, Year 7 students have been encouraged to learn more about poet and writer Dylan Thomas by taking a walking tour, taking in Thomas’ Cwmdonkin home and some of his former haunts.

Born in Uplands, Dylan Thomas frequented many places throughout Swansea, including the beautiful Cwmdonkin Park that would provide him with the inspiration he needed to complete some of his most famous works.

The tour provided an introduction to Dylan, enabling students to delve deeper into how Swansea affected Dylan’s life and his thinking. His literature has captivated a global audience, and the characters that sit at the centre of his works were heavily influenced by his youth in Swansea,” said English Teacher Mrs Ffion Kidwell.

The Uplands Tavern, where Thomas socialised on a regular basis, and Kardomah Café, where he and the ‘Kardomah gang’ met, were also poignant stop-offs on the tour.

As well as learning more about one of our city’s most famous exports, the tour incorporated a study of Thomas’ celebrated poem, ‘The Hunchback in the Park’.