Ffynone House School British Army team building day

Team building day arms Year 12 with transferable skills

Year 12 were lucky enough to work with representatives from The British Army as part of their induction programme last week.  The team visited the school to deliver a challenging and inspiring day of problem-solving and team building.  We asked some of the participants to tell us about the experience.


Ffynone House School British Army team building day“As soon as we put the camouflage on our faces we knew that this was going to be a very different kind of day.  have a strong focus on team-building and problem-solving at Ffynone but with this being led by the Army, we felt we’d really stepped up a gear!  We were given some ration packed food, which was surprisingly edible, and then were given our first team challenge.  We had to build a ‘Comms tower’ and a wheelbarrow out of over-sized Meccano, some teams were more successful than others!  We then moved outside to the harder physical competition, shifting barrels and tyres around the yard.  Overall, I really enjoyed the day as we got to work together and build a real sense of teamwork.”



Ffynone House School British Army team building day“We started with an interesting presentation about the Army and the different careers on offer.  I was surprised about the privileges that military life can offer, they made it sound quite tempting.  We didn’t have long to just sit and listen as we were soon up on our feet and streaking our faces with camouflage paste!  We did several skills building exercises with a focus on working as a team.  We have done this kind of thing before, but this was more physically challenging and also included more military-specific skills like spotting techniques.  I thoroughly enjoyed the day and would like to do something similar again soon.”


CaitlinFfynone House School British Army team building day

“I hadn’t done anything like this before so I was a little unsure to begin with but I had a great time!  We built towers, solved puzzles and tried out typical ration food!  I enjoyed the challenge of figuring out the answers as a team and having the opportunity to work with people I don’t normally spend with on a typical school day.  I am new to Ffynone this year and I feel this exercise really helped me get to know my peers better, as well as building on my teamwork and leadership skills.”