Extended Project

Sixth Form students who achieve good GCSE grades have the opportunity to undertake an Extended Project on a subject of their choice. This qualification is worth the same UCAS points as an AS Level and is valued by Russell Group universities. The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) provides opportunities to develop independent study and research skills that are so important for the university.

EPQ studyProgramme

The EPQ is entirely based on coursework, is internally marked and externally moderated, and is of A-Level standard. Planning commences from the start of Year 12 and the project is completed over two terms between June and October the same year, requiring a commitment during school holidays. Students must be self-motivated and are supported with guided learning and research skills tuition.


The EPQ is intended to develop an area that inspires the student. The skills involved are those of an undergraduate thesis and the programme of study involves research, report writing and presentation. It can be drawn upon in UCAS personal statements, and at interviews, to provide evidence of subject enthusiasm and to demonstrate some of the qualities universities are looking for.  Some universities will ask candidates to bring their project report to interview and include the EPQ in their offer.


Many universities now offer practical support and resources to EPQ students, including study skills workshops, distance learning toolkits and library access, giving students further opportunities to bridge the transition from school to higher education.

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