SStudents being interviewed by the BBC about the SIBRWD app

SIBRWD with the BBC

Students recently had a wonderful afternoon at St David’s Hall, Cardiff, when the BBC National Orchestra of Wales took the audience on a fascinating journey through different periods of music with great style and expertise. Students, Ffion, Maria and Rowan agreed to test the new App ‘SIBRWD’, designed to enhance the enjoyment of concerts, and were interviewed by the BBC during the interval.

Concert Programme

BBC Orchestra of Wales May 2016The concert began with Wagner’s ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ followed by Bizet’s ‘Habanera and Toreador Song’. Then came an inspirational performance of ‘Lark Ascending’ by seventeen year-old Charlie Lovell-Jones, one of the String finalists from this year’s Young Musician of the Year. Some darker moments followed with Anna Clynes’ ‘Night Ferry’, Verdi’s ‘Dies Irae’ and Shostakovich’s ‘Symphony no 10’. There was a taste of the wild with Gabriel Prokofiev’s ‘Concerto for Turntables’ (performed by a DJ), and majestic moments with Handel’s ‘Zadok The Priest’ and Haydn’s ‘Trumpet Concerto’. To finish, pupils were enthralled by Bernstein’s ‘Mambo’ and finally Stravinsky’s ‘Firebird’, during which a huge wooden puppet of a firebird was sent flying round the hall.


Ffynone House students were testing the ‘SIBRWD’ App – “a whisper in your ear”.  SIBRWD gives audiences the ability to appreciate a performance in whatever language they speak. It provides interesting facts, sneaky peeks behind the scenes plus photos and tips on what to look out for in the orchestra. All this comes straight through to their smart-phones whilst the concert is in full swing.

This made for a much more interactive experience and students felt they gained far more from the experience using the App than if they had watched the concert without it. Their interview should be aired on the BBC soon.

You can learn more about the SIBRWD App here.