School Council

As a family community, Ffynone House attaches considerable importance ensuring everyone’s voice is heard. Our student School Council is particularly important in making an active contribution to the operation of the school.

Ffynone House School Senior Prefects 2016-17
Ffynone House Senior Prefects 2016 – 2017

The School Council is made up of two members from each Year Group are elected annually to represent all students. Meeting at least once each half term, student representatives discuss and make decisions on issues or ideas raised in tutor time, or on other topics where student opinion is sought. The purpose is to be a link between all students and school managers.

Members are trained and guided to lead their own meetings, create agendas, complete minutes, and record and follow up actions. The Council also has an important role in the appointment of new staff by conducting interviews and providing feedback on candidates as part of the recruitment process.

The School Council takes its responsibilities seriously and is respected by both staff and students. Representatives do their best to ensure the views and opinions of all pupils are fairly represented. Being on the School Council also provides valuable team-working experience and helps students to understand there are often many views to take into account when making collective decisions.