Leadership & team-building

Isa J-R Arctic CircleOur mission is to prepare students for life after school, be that in further education or the world of work. All pupils participate in activities that will develop self-confidence and improve their interpersonal skills by working in teams with students and staff. We challenge them to take leadership roles both in and out of school and to take responsibility for all that they do.

There are many opportunities to become senior prefects, members of the School Council, house and sports leaders. It all starts with the sense of adventure that is fostered in the annual activities undertaken in every year group. Pupils participate in charitable fund-raising and volunteering projects and are encouraged to take advantage of adventurous activities. Opportunities include the Tall Ships sailing trust, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, British Exploring Society, skiing in the USA and projects abroad.

Senior Leadership

Senior Students plan and execute regular meetings with the School Council and report back outcomes to the whole school. They give presentations to prospective parents and students at Open Days. They also make an annual report on behalf of the student body to the Governing Council.

Pupils have opportunities to participate in student conferences at Oxford and Cambridge Universities and are urged to engage with local and national politics.

The “vision is based on shared values, where individuals matter within a culture of high aspirations and a determination to succeed“.  Estyn Inspectors

Leadership and team-building news

Teambuilding and Leadership at Ffynone House SchoolYear 12 activity days. Ffynone House Year 12 students have been learning new subjects, adjusting to the fast pace and challenging content of A-level courses, and getting to know new classmates. To round it off, they have also been treated to two challenging team building and leadership days. The first, hosted by the RAF included valuable interview and careers skills.

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