Ffynone House School Scholastic Book Fair

Scholastic Book Fair inspires readers

Ffynone House was fortunate enough to host a Scholastic Book Fair in the School Library this week.   Over £4000 worth of books were available for purchase and more had to be ordered as they were snapped up by eager readers.  We had sales of over £200 in the first 24 hours!

With a fortnight’s half-term just around the corner, the timing of this event could not have been better.  Our students could stock up on plenty of shiny new books to devour over the holiday.  At Ffynone House, we know the importance of reading for developing vocabulary and widening the world view of our teenagers.  If they do not read quality writing, it is almost impossible for them to produce quality writing.

An opportunity to talk about books

Students were able to visit the book fair in their English lessons.  Before they went, they discussed their favourite authors, genres and the subjects they might be interested in reading about.  Our English teachers were on hand during the lesson to encourage keen readers to step outside their comfort zone and help some of the more reluctant readers to find something they might enjoy.

Our Finance Manager, Mrs Howden-Evans, organised the fair and will be purchasing some new books for the school with the funds raised from the event.

It was a superb opportunity for students to get excited about books and created a real buzz about reading.  Students, teachers and parents certainly ended the half-term on a literary high!