Ffynone House School Les Miserable Margam Residential

Residential rehearsal weekend for Les Misérables cast

Before she performs as Eponine in our superb production of ‘Les Misérables’ next week, we asked Talaith in Year 10 to give us her perspective on their productive and intensive rehearsal weekend at Margam.

Ffynone House School Les Miserable Margam ResidentialEarlier this term, Ffynone House School students went on a residential trip to Margam Discovery Centre.   We were to have a full weekend’s rehearsal for our upcoming production of the epic ‘Les Misérables.’

Starting with a song

Ffynone House School Les Miserable Margam Residential

An early departure from school on the Friday meant that we had plenty of time to get our bearings at the centre and then go straight into our first singing rehearsal!  All this first evening’s rehearsals were devoted to learning the songs and practising the complicated harmonies. We finished at around nine o’clock and had the chance to have some social time; hanging out with our friends in the common room or in our dormitories, before it was lights out.

A Saturday spent staging

Saturday began with an early start, waking up at seven o’clock for breakfast at eight. Rehearsals started promptly at nine in a new location!  We were no longer in the singing classroom but instead occupied the large dining hall so we could start staging the scenes.  Excellent progress was made with much enthusiasm from the cast and plenty of creative ideas flowing back and forth between students and staff.

Ffynone House School Les Miserable Margam Residential

At midday, we all had a well-deserved break and walked around the beautiful grounds of Margam Park, a far cry from nineteenth-century Paris!    We returned to the Centre refreshed and ready to continue working hard on the staging.  By early evening we were sitting smug in the knowledge that we had blocked the whole show and were thinking we might get the whole evening to ourselves.  However, Mrs Walsh and Mrs Ramos had different ideas and we ended up doing a full run of the whole show!  Rehearsals ended late, at quarter to eleven but it was definitely worth the late night after having a great run through. Despite all our hard work during the day, we weren’t too tired to organise a few cross-corridor sleeping-bag races before we fell asleep!

Ffynone House School Les Miserable Margam ResidentialAdding the detail on the Sunday

Seven o’clock felt very early on Sunday morning!  However, the whole cast were up and ready to begin applying some polish to the work we had done over the previous days.   We worked all morning and as time passed, we realised we had become a true ensemble, supporting one another both on and off the stage.  It was so good to watch our peers rehearsing their scenes and improving their performances; we really were all in it together.  I feel sure this will be of huge help to us as we go back to school and have to squeeze our rehearsals around our studies and other activities!

A weekend well spent

Three o’clock came all too soon and it was hard to drag ourselves away from this amazing immersive experience.   Everyone agreed that had a much better understanding of the play and our characters. All the students and teachers involved had pulled together to achieve an outstanding level of progress. It was definitely a weekend to remember.  À bientôt!

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