Performing Arts

At Ffynone House we seek to harness and nurture the creative talent of our students and give them the chance to express themselves collectively and individually. Everyone, especially the young needs ways to explore beyond the academic curriculum, and the world of drama and dance provide a rich seam of opportunity.

Performing Arts

Ffynone House has a long tradition of creativity and performance, providing each pupil, regardless of age or standard, with the encouragement to break free and do something extraordinary. Taught by experienced subject experts, students are engaged in the Arts to develop imagination, expressiveness and confidence, as well as for the sheer thrill and enjoyment of creating and performing.

Alongside music, both drama and dance form a large part of our extra-curricular programme. Students are offered an array of performance and workshop experiences on a regular basis, and opportunities to experience professional theatre and dance companies from around the world.

From Years 7 to 9, drama is taught on a weekly basis, exploring both the practical strategies and finest literature of the arts world. Students also have the opportunity to perform as supporting dancers for GCSE Dance candidates’ examination pieces.

GCSE and A Level

Drama and Dance are both subjects offered at GCSE and A Level. They give our students the opportunity to study the theory and practice of each of these subjects, learn from seeing world-renowned practitioners perform and develop transferable skills such as communication, self-motivation and organisation.

With many schools now choosing not to feature drama or dance on the curriculum, Ffynone House is the ideal choice for parents and students who value the creative and confidence building opportunities that performing arts can offer.