History teaches us to think critically about the world and how it is shaped by personalities and events. It encourages us to draw parallels between past and present, and to learn from previous mistakes; to quote Martin Luther King, “We are not makers of History – we are made by History”.

Lessons are interesting and fun, and we use a wide variety of teaching methods, activities and resources to make history a stimulating and challenging subject.

Students embark on a chronological journey, investigating the characters and events that shaped our modern world.

With open and inquiring minds, they are encouraged to debate and justify their opinions in periods of history, including Britain and Wales through Medieval times up to the early twenty-first century.

GCSE and A Level

History continues to be a very popular GCSE option, and our 100% A* to C pass rate has been sustained for many years.  We follow the Eduqas specification, covering the Elizabethan Age, Germany in Transition during the inter-war years and the Development of the USA.

Students who go on to study History at A Level consistently achieve excellent grades and are well placed for degree courses that require research and critical analysis skills. The English OCR specification provides an interesting mix of topics and eras, including the Tudors, American expansion and the Civil War. A key element is the requirement to complete a piece of independent research, giving students further opportunities to develop self-study skills that are so important for university.