My Guitar Learning Journey

In my opinion, being able to play the guitar is a fantastic skill to have. I first got into guitar in my primary school where I learnt classical guitar. When my parents introduced electric guitar to me, I knew that I totally needed that in my life!  

The thing that really inspired me was when I saw my first concert of Guns n Roses.  I was only in Year 4 and my parents wanted to take me to see one of their favourite bands!  I am lucky because they take me to lots and lots of concerts.  I’ve seen Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton and will be going to see Aerosmith this summer!  

Anyway, the guitar playing the Guns and Roses concert was immense!  I couldn’t believe how many different sounds they could make and how epic they were on stage; so confident! This made me want to perform and present my songs with my teammate, my partner in crime, my twin sister! 

At first, I was unbelievably nervous and felt a bit doubtful but my guitar teacher helped me and made me more confident. When I started learning the different techniques, I struggled so much but the thing about the guitar is once you get the basics, it just gets easier and easier. Finally, when I did do my first concert I found I got a real buzz and gained a lot more confidence. 

After primary, I thought that guitar was over for me, but believe me it was far from over! My new guitar teacher [Mr Sharp] was really nice when I first joined and he encouraged me to join his guitar lessons which I did. The experience was amazing, playing in an ensemble was very cool because I got to play different harmonies.  I got to meet loads of new people, some of whom were much older than me and were totally inspirational! 

If there is one thing I can say about the guitar, it is that you will never get bored as there are unlimited things you can do on it. The one word I would use to describe the guitar is “spectacular”! Overall, my experience with the guitar has been outstanding and I am sure there is so much more to come!