Ffynone House School ScholarshipsFfynone House School is a top independent, co-educational school in Swansea.  Ffynone House provides a premier education with family values and a reputation built on academic excellence.

At Ffynone House, our small class sizes and dedicated teaching allow pupils time to pursue other interests alongside an outstanding education, making independent education more affordable and providing excellent value for money.

As a charitable trust, our private school fees are lower than other schools in Wales and all benefits are for the pupils.

Ffynone House School ScholarshipsSecondary school scholarships are available for pupils with particular skills or talents who would benefit from our tailored curriculum.   Academic scholarships and Performing Arts scholarships are awarded for entry into Year 7 based on an entrance test or audition and to attract outstanding students to join Ffynone House School Sixth Form.  Means tested school bursaries may be made available to students who are already registered at Ffynone in cases of hardship which arise due to a change of financial circumstances.  These education bursaries are independent of scholarships.

Scholarship FAQs 

How much is a scholarship worth?

Scholarships carry a fee reduction of between 5% and 15%.  Once an award is made in Year 7, the scholarship remains with the pupil until the end of their GCSE studies.

Can my child apply for more than one scholarship?

It is possible to apply for more than one scholarship but only one award can be accepted at a time.

How many scholarships does Ffynone House School offer?

The number of awards made each year is small and depends on the value of funds available.

Ffynone House School Scholarship Conditions

Parents are part of the wider “Ffynone Family” and many actively contribute to school life.  An essential condition of receiving financial assistance through a scholarship is that pupils and their parents are expected to support the school through participation and attendance at events.

Ffynone House School Academic Scholarships

For a September entry into Year 7, pupils sit a scholarship test in the previous November while in Year 6.  Pupils are tested using an online adaptive baseline assessment which includes the use of vocabulary, numeracy and non-verbal reasoning; the test takes about an hour to administer.

Ffynone House School Performing Arts and Music Scholarships

Ffynone House School has a strong tradition in performing arts and music.  By offering scholarships to talented pupils we can ensure that this aspect of the schools’ work continues to thrive.

Pupils wishing to be considered for a scholarship should have an aptitude in drama, song, music or dance.  They are required to be involved in all aspects of school life and to participate regularly in performing arts and musical activities, clubs and events.  Selection for these scholarships is by invitation only, after completion of our Performing Arts questionnaire.

Does Ffynone House School offer a student bursary?

Means tested bursaries may be available to students who are already registered at Ffynone in cases of hardship which arise due to a change of circumstances.

How can my child apply for a scholarship?

Parents can apply for secondary school scholarships in October of the year when the pupil is in Year 6.  Internal secondary school bursary applications can be made if a change in financial circumstances arises once a pupil has commenced their education at Ffynone.

What Entry Years Are Scholarships available for?

Secondary school scholarships are available for students entering Year 7 at age 11.  Sixth Form scholarships worth a 10% reduction in academic fees are awarded to students achieving at least seven Level 7 grades at GCSE.

Ffynone House School is proud of its thriving diverse community.  At the heart of the school’s ethos is an inclusive and accessible education experience.  To support this trustees award a number of fully funded, life-changing  Accessibility Scholarships, with each application being considered on its individual merits.