Intermediate Maths Challenge 2020

Today was Maths Challenge Day! Every year during February, Years 10 and 11 and selected Year 9s participate in this ridiculously tough challenge. It is a national activity that Maths students take part in and in our school, the challenge is compulsory if you are part of the higher Maths groups. It aims to test students’ application of Maths to a series of riddle-like questions. 

That’s me during the Maths Challenge. The photo graciously taken by my teacher.

This time there was a problem about the Knave of Hearts and his jam tarts, it made me hungry! The time allowed is sixty minutes and depending on what your score is, you could obtain a bronze, silver or gold certificate. I have yet to be successful in this, hard to think why! 

For the first 15 questions, you won’t lose any marks if you get them incorrect, however, from questions 16-25 you could lose 1-2 marks for wrong answers!  Harsh indeed. Measuring equipment, calculators or squared paper are not allowed in the exam so your score is perhaps a more accurate example of your natural maths abilities. 

That’s my friend taking the Maths Challenge. This photo was also taken by my teacher.

I fear this could be why I have yet to achieve anything above a bronze certificate! There are other Maths Challenges during the year such as the Junior and Senior Maths Challenges that have the same principle but vary in the level of difficulty.

The intermediate one, however, is aimed at the middle year groups in schools and can help them gain confidence in their Maths abilities.  It is a fun challenge and luckily, I am doing really well in my Additional Maths course, so I’m not going to worry too much if I’m on the bronze list yet again this year!