FHS Group GCSE results

2019 GCSE Results Exceed Expectations

Ffynone House School are celebrating another year of GCSE successes.  All qualifications, with the exception of ICT, are the more demanding English specifications and are graded using the 9-1 system.  Over half of all grades were at level 7 or above (equivalent to the old A/A*) with an impressive 19% at the ultra high level 9.

Headteacher, Michael Boulding, said, “I am thrilled to see so many of our students achieving at the very highest levels in so many subjects.  I am also extremely proud that 84% of students met or exceeded their targets this year, over a third of them by at least two grades!  This shows that above all else, we give our students the confidence and expertise to achieve their very best in these challenging qualifications.”

100% of students studying Latin or Classical Civilisation attained a level 9. In Mathematics, 83% of entries were graded level 7 or above (equivalent to the old grade A) with 50% at level 9-8 (A*).  An amazing 58% of Chemistry grades were at level 9 and over 75% of Biology and Chemistry grades were levels 9-7.   83% of all History entrants scored level 7 or above.  

Particular congratulations to Ujiar Abdullah who achieved an amazing eight subjects at level 9, 1 A* and one level 7; Elysia Beynon who gained six qualifications at level 9 and four at level 8 and Helen Throp who secured five level 9, two level 8 and two level 7. It is incredible to see our young people working at such a high level across such a breadth of subjects.

Congratulations to all of our GCSE cohort and we look forward to welcoming many of them back for continued success in the sixth form.