ffynone thrives BEYOND lockdown learning

Ffynone House School is fully open and is once again delivering lessons in school. During the lockdown, we streamed live lessons to students at home. The return to the classroom has been a welcome step towards normality. We know that our pupils’ experiences of lockdown will have been very varied. For many, it was a safe and enjoyable time. For others, it may have been lonely and restrictive, even with daily online lessons from teachers and seeing their peers online.  

At Ffynone, we are used to supporting our pupils in their journey to adulthood and we are fiercely proud of our family values and supportive, friendly school environment.  The current situation has amplified challenges and increased uncertainty for us all. 


To prepare for the year ahead and with the support of clinical psychologist Dr Gill Green, staff received training which raised their awareness of wellbeing issues and mental health first aid. This will improve their skills and help them provide practical help and support to our students in school. The global pandemic still has a long way to run, and Ffynone staff will be with our students every step of the way.

Timetabled classes

We have a daily timetable running from 0900 - 1530hrs daily for our pupils.

consistent support

Our teachers are providing pupils with consistent support to ensure their progression.

face-to-face contact

Our students have daily face-to-face contact with teachers and their peers.

Timely feedback

We are working extremely hard to ensure that all work that pupils submit is returned to them quickly, with feedback.

In this together

Our pupils and staff have worked tirelessly to adapt to the new way of learning. As a school, we have continued to evolve our methods to make sure that our students continue to get the best education possible. 

News update

Ffynone House School has delivered remote learning to pupils using Microsoft Teams since the first day of lockdown.  We are pleased that our students have engaged so successfully with online lessons and have continued making academic progress in their courses.  

End of Term – 8 July

Teaching will continue until the planned end-of-term on 8th July after which we will host wellbeing meetings in school for each year group.  The emotional pressures on students and their families have been increasing throughout the Covid crisis, and these meetings will give pupils an opportunity to de-compress and to chat with their friends in person.  Discussions and reflection on the past three months will be guided by pastoral staff and form tutors.

Virtual Open Day – 11 July

We will host a virtual Open Day on Saturday 11 July for prospective parents to meet with staff.  There will an opportunity to ask questions and to arrange subsequent individual meetings.  Enquiries are welcomed throughout the summer, and arrangements will be made for phone calls and virtual meetings as required.

Year 7 Induction Morning – 16 July

We have hosted twice-weekly online meetings for our new Year 7 cohort who will join us in September.   Although this is not an ideal start to their transition to secondary school, it has enabled pupils to meet some of their new teachers and to learn how to use some of the technology that they will use in September.

A face-to-face induction morning will take place in school in mid-July.  We hope our new pupils will enjoy the opportunity to meet in person and to see for themselves their new school and its surroundings.

New Academic Year – 3 September

The first day of the new academic year is 3 September 2020.  It is very likely that we will continue with some online learning in September to facilitate a safe and sustainable learning experience for our students. 

The situation is extremely fluid, and we will review government guidance throughout the coming months.  Should it be necessary for students to work from home in September, lessons will be live streamed from classrooms to their homes.

Frequently asked questions

Our pupils have maintained their normal timetable and curriculum. This has meant that they are expected to attend online classes as per the timetable. How many they have per day depends on their year group. 

Our pupils have access to their teachers through Teams. They can send them a message or request to arrange a call.

Outside of the times scheduled for classes, teachers are available to respond to questions that pupils have. These are often sent through messages. This ensures that all students progress through the curriculum and that those who need additional help have it allocated to them.

Most of our content and activities are available through Microsoft Teams. They can be accessed through both Windows and Mac computers, smartphones and on tablets. Having access to a computer or tablet with a a

New developments within the school are announced via the school website and on social media. Be sure to see our Facebook page. 

Ffynone House School is working to provide pupils with dual access to learning. Health and wellbeing have always of utmost importance. Going forward, our pupils will have access of learning material and support both remotely and within the school premises. 

If you have any questions, we would be happy to hear from you. Contact Us

Student feedback

"My favourite subject is English as it is really fun. It feels like we are in a normal lesson because we read and discuss and write just like we would in the classroom. The biggest challenge for me was getting used to all the computing and tech difficulties. I would like to keep the same amount of work. I miss all the socialising and all the funny stories my friends tell me."
Year 7
Lots of people have been very helpful throughout this time, each helping with different things. Mrs Miles taught us how to use Class Notebook with has been very handy. Mme Roberts has tried to keep us organised, and tried to make things as easy as possible for us with her excellent PowerPoints. Mrs Ramos has spoken to us all, tried to make sure we keep balanced with our work and try to go outside as often when we can. And Mr Jones has been very helpful with his tech skills, teaching both students and teachers at the same time! Also some of the more tech savvy pupils within our class have told and shown us how to work the different things on our computers.
Year 7
When we return to school, I would like to continue working on a laptop because it’s quicker and more productive. All of the teachers have been really helpful and supportive and been on hand whenever I have needed them. I have enjoyed online learning just as much as real school but I do really miss seeing my friends.
Year 7
My favourite subjects are English, Drama and Art because they are always fun and interesting. The teachers there make me look forward to the next lesson. The biggest challenge of online learning would be the technological part, finding why some work wouldn't upload or why I couldn't upload some documents. My teachers and classmates have helped me figure out the problems and fix them. Mrs Ramos, my from teacher, has always brightened up the mood. She called all of us separately and talked to us individually which was really nice. I miss working with all of my friends. I miss the jokes we had and seeing them in person. I miss many things in school. I miss going to different classrooms and being in school.
Year 7