RIPNROCK Teambuilding with Ffynone House School

Confidence and team-building at Rhossili

A challenging day at the cliffs and the sea

Ffynone House School learning to surf with RIPNROCK at RhossiliFfynone House Year 8 students were treated to beautiful weather and perfect conditions for their outdoor adventure and team-building day at Rhossili. The marvellous instructors from RipnRock ran surfing, abseiling and climbing sessions, with a series of team challenges to finish the day.

All the pupils fully embraced the opportunity to work alongside their peers in this exciting environment. Many, like Izzy, were surprised by how much they achieved and “the fact that everyone attempted all the activities, no matter how unsure they were.”


After a two hour surf session, the group felt an enormous sense of achievement when most found they were able to balance and stand in such a short amount of time. Elysia definitely caught the surfing bug; she loved the feeling of “catching a wave and skimming really fast across the water.” Some of the students were even doing 180 and 360 degree turns!

Climbing and abseiling

Ffynone House School learning to rock climb with RIPNROCK at RhossiliThe cliffs provided the most daunting arena for the day, with many students feeling like Rowan who admitted to being “a bit anxious.” However, after braving the rocky terrain with varying degrees of success, they all shared his sentiment, “I really enjoyed it and would do it again!”

Even those who had a fear of heights managed to persevere; as Tegan said, “We were all able to do it because of the support of our friends at the bottom.”


Mali observed that “the day helped our class become closer friends and learn about each other”. ‘Team of the Day’ went to Ffion, Georgia, Harry and Ujiah, who were clear winners in the team challenges. They felt the key to their success “was listening to each other and the instructions. We stopped and discussed first while all the other groups rushed in with one person taking control. We took our time and had confidence in one another.”  A valuable lesson learnt out in the sunshine against the spectacular backdrop of Rhossili Bay.

Rip n Rock adventure Rhossili


Huge thanks go to Dave and the team at RipnRock for their inspirational leadership.

You can find out more about them here: