Ffynone House School Classics trip to British Museum

Classics visit to British Museum

Senior School Classics students throughly enjoyed their trip to the British Museum in London, making the most of the opportunity to closely examine historical artefacts first hand. Among the many interesting exhibits they studied were Roman mosaics, frescoes, a gladiator’s helmet, a relief sculpture showing chariot racing, a silver dinner service, and even a bronze food strainer.

Caitlin Lazenby (Y13) gave an interesting presentation to her peers about some of the Greek vases she is studying as part of her A-Level Greek Art and Architecture module.

Ffynone House School Classics Trip to British MuseumThe Attic black-figure vase, the Sophilos Dinos, was a mixing bowl for wine, which may have been a wedding present. The elaborate top freeze tells the story of the wedding of Peleus to the goddess Thetis. The gods loved Thetis, so they all went to the wedding very happily. In the procession it is possible to see Iris the messenger goddess, followed by Dionysus the God of Wine (always welcome at a party), Hebe the Goddess of Youth, and the good centaur Cheiron.

After the museum, the group visited Covent Garden via Trafalgar Square at dusk, with the silhouettes of the statues standing out against a wintry sky. As always, Covent Garden was buzzing with shoppers and street theatre. With a little time for shopping and Pizza at Jame Oliver’s a great day was enjoyed by all before the bus ride back to Paddington and the train home.