Chinese New Year activities at Ffynone House School

Chinese New Year activities

Year Seven students marked the start of the Chinese New Year with a day of activities exploring the language and culture of this fascinating country. They were immersed in the red and gold of festive decorations and explored words and phrases to use during the celebrations. Music and Maths also played a part and the day culminated in filming two videos to demonstrate their new knowledge.

Our own teaching assistant, Ms. Lim, led the sessions and her enthusiasm was infectious. Students quickly learnt to write and pronounce the numbers 1-20, and used them in Maths to complete sums and write important dates. They were intrigued to learn the number four is considered unlucky because the Chinese word for ‘four’ sounds similar to the word for ‘death’. The whole class later made placards and recited numbers for one of the short films.

In a more practical activity, students formed Chinese lanterns from three lucky envelopes using folds and staples to secure the complex shape. The finished products resembled goldfish because the Chinese believe them to be lucky. Students’ artistic skills were tested further when they were given the task of designing a greeting card featuring roosters in the style of Chinese brushwork.

Chinese New Year activities at Ffynone House SchoolThe end of the day found them in good voice as they learnt a traditional Chinese song and performed it for another short film. Ms Lim was very impressed with their pronunciation and attention to detail throughout the day.

The students made the best of the opportunity to experience a new language and learn about the beliefs of a different culture. Gong Xi Fa Cai!