Chess Club, the Megafinal and GigaFinal

Now, Chess isn’t a game like checkers or some other simple board games and it is obviously more than just do any random move and then you win. It may seem like that but if you’re a chess player, then you know it is full of strategy and predicting.

A practice session with my friends

It is also a game which makes your brain work a lot. It is not an easy game to master but it is interesting and fun! 

Why did I start playing Chess?

Well, apart from it having an interesting history, I liked chess because it was a game I found to be hard yet fun at the same time. To have a game that has a history from all over the world is incredible. What is more impressive is how it was adapted and evolved in each place that it was taken to. For example, in India, it was elephants. They became horses in Persian. Knights are a European addition to this rich history. It also shows the historical relationship between the monarchy and the church through the position of the Bishop on either side of the King and Queen.

Like, everyone, I went to chess club thinking I could breeze through (Oh how wrong I was). I found it struggling and hard and some setbacks but I kept trying. I had a growth mindset. Through the first few weeks but I slowly regained my confidence. I beat my first chess player in my fourth week of chess. I felt proud. 

But it didn’t stop there, no. As I got better and started learning new techniques in chess, I got invited to a competition. My first ever competition. Now, of course, I was nervous but I went. I didn’t win much of my chess games because they were obviously much better than me. I started going to more and more chess tournaments and I got gradually better and better. Then, one day I got invited to a special competition called the Megafinals.

The Megafinals

Ok, let me explain. The megafinal is a tournament between the best chess players of each school. The winners get picked for the megafinal. The winners of that get picked for the gigafinal and the winners of that go on the final stage. The terrafinal.

We had 6 opponents. We had to get 4 points to get qualification into the Giga final. Each of us had 20 seconds to make a move and 15 minutes in total for the match. A win was 1 point. A loss was 0 and a draw was ½ a point. It just started like that 3… 2… 1… GO!

So basically I just managed to get into the Giga final. I was playing my last match. I had 3 points and my opponent had the same. One of us was going to come out victorious. Turns out he was a slightly weaker player than me, and I managed it beat him with 10 minutes on my clock. 

So I had qualification into the Giga final but I lost badly in that one. The people there were much more skilled and more prepared than I was. I had my moment of glory while it lasted and I have learnt from that mistake. 

So, if you have a dusty chess set lying around, maybe open it and have a game with your parents! It’s might be more exciting than it seems!