Ffynone House School Biology A level trip Swansea Uni

Biologists benefit from degree-level expertise.

A level visit to Swansea University Medical School

Ffynone House School Biology A level trip Swansea Uni

Recently, our Year 12 Biology students exchanged their classroom for the university’s labs and lecture theatres.  On their return they shared their experience with great enthusiasm:

The medical school day was extremely insightful, exciting and very hands-on. The first part of the day involved us meeting lots of other students.  This allowed us to interact with our peers from other schools and colleges and chat about our A level experiences so far.


We then attended a lecture on colon cancer.  Here, we learned about the importance of early diagnosis and prevention, as well as current research into cancer at Swansea University. This was both thought-provoking and informative.

Practical Task

Following the lecture, we had a practical task which involved analysing the medical notes of a model patient and preparing the model patient for surgery.  We worked on this in groups and it really tested our ability to apply our theoretical knowledge to a real-life situation.  It gave us a true insight into the complex world of medicine.

Ffynone House School Biology A level trip Swansea UniDissection

Finally, we attended an anatomy laboratory.  In this session, we would dissect and study a pig’s head and intestines. Some of us were a little nervous about this part of the day because it would be the most involved dissection that any of us had ever done.  However, we all made the most of the opportunity and it taught us a huge amount about anatomy, which could be applied to our A level studies. It was a real privilege to be in the high-tech university lab and for many of us if was a little glimpse into our future studies.

Overall, it was a fantastic day and has really inspired us to work even harder in our Biology lessons.