Psychology is the science of mental processes and behaviour, and aims to explore the links between our brain processes and actions in an applied context, using scientific methods and evidence-based research.

Offered in the Sixth Form, Psychology is a popular course both at A Level and university. Ffynone House students consistently achieve a 100% pass rate with at least 80% gaining A* – B grades.

Psychology ClassLed by a highly qualified and experienced academic psychologist, this fascinating subject is taught in small, familiar groups with lively and interesting discussion and debate. Students are explicitly encouraged to make links between published research and real-life situations in discussion.

We all use psychology every day, in our ordinary interactions with others, our relationships and our decision-making processes. Each of us is an amateur psychologist from a very young age, learning quickly how to make assumptions about mental processes from external behaviours. What could be more important than understanding how and why we, the human race, do what we do?

The study of psychology combines aspects of biology, medicine, maths, politics and social sciences to provide students with an excellent understanding of established research through rigorous scientific technique. It also allows opportunities for personal growth and development and a better understanding of the self, others and society.

Higher education & careers

Former students have gone on to study Psychology at Oxford, Bath, Exeter, Cardiff and Swansea Universities. Psychology is useful for careers in many areas, such as those in forensics, sports science, child development, health and clinical areas, education, business, applied behaviour analysis, journalism, marketing, advertising and politics.