Modern Languages

We understand the contribution that learning foreign languages makes in providing a true all round education. French and German are taught by native speakers to help students prepare for the modern world of work in Britain and beyond. Learning a language enhances communications skills, and our pupils learn to listen and to consider other points of view. Above all, language learners start to think more creatively, which prepares them well for their future social, academic and professional lives.

Modern Languages are offered at GCSE and A Level with excellent results.  Many former students have gone on to pursue their chosen language at university leading to a broad spectrum of career opportunities.

German studentsLessons

Alongside traditional teaching and learning techniques, students use their creative and artistic talents to write short role-plays, comedy sketches, stories, poems and songs, performing their pieces in art, music and drama presentations.

A firm favourite is producing their own foreign language films involving writing scripts, casting, directing and acting. Students use ICT to edit and then present their finished creations in assemblies and to parents.

Students access authentic written and spoken material from online media in the course of their studies, and have the opportunity for independent learning to enable them to progress at their own pace.

Cultural opportunities

Learning languages is not separated from understanding other cultures, and all language students develop their knowledge of the countries and cultures where the language is spoken through, music, art, literature, and even enjoying typical European breakfasts early in the school day. Films can also offer an insight into other countries and this is further enriched by interesting invited speakers. Trips to European Art, Craft and History exhibitions take place throughout the year, along with annual visits to major European cities.