Geography at Ffynone House School encourages students to develop a sense of place by looking at the world around them on a local, regional and global scale.

Geography classThe Department’s aim is to stimulate curiosity about the world. We explore the ways in which people interact with their environment and the opportunities and challenges their surroundings can present, providing deeper insight into the different communities and cultures that exist around the world. Geography fosters an appreciation of the attitudes, values and beliefs of others, on issues which have a geographical dimension.

A range of human, physical and environmental issues are studied to provide pupils with key skills for life. An understanding of issues such as migration, environmental change and economic development is crucial in our increasingly globalised society. Geography is a dynamic subject, which traces the changes that occur through time in places, landscapes and spatial distribution, and it helps to account for the complex relationships between people and the environment.

Lessons embrace decision making exercises, discussions, research projects, group activities and field courses, in order to broaden an understanding of the world and to cultivate strong personal and interpersonal skills.

Field trips

Fieldwork is a very important component and we maximise the use of our enviable location. Visits to the City Centre, Llanelli, Cardiff and Coastal Gower contribute to environmental awareness. Inspiring and stimulating expeditions, such as visiting Iceland provide an international dimension and help to important develop life skills.


At GCSE and A Level, students follow the Edexcel Geography Specifications, which examine some of the most exciting and challenging issues and questions of the day.

So many of the World’s current issues – at a global scale and locally – boil down to geography, and we need the geographers of the future, to help us understand them.

Michael Palin, Immediate Past President of The Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers).