English is one of the curriculum’s most stimulating and enriching subjects, challenging students to make critical, personal responses to a range of fascinating topics. At every key stage, passionate subject specialists teach students in small classes. We have a strong record of exam success, with 55% of students achieving A or A* in GCSE English Literature, and approximately 72% of A Level students gaining A* or A. No A Level student has achieved less than a B grade for the last seven years.

We want students to develop a love of how language works in a range of literary genres as well as in the world of work.

In the past year, students have entered national writing competitions, planned market research to devise new advertising campaigns for Swansea’s Leisure Centre, LC2, and pitched new products to industry experts, who had as high expectations as any judge from the BBC’s Dragon’s Den.

Advanced level & Careers

Many students continue to study English Literature at AS and A Level. The new AQA course focuses on securing an in-depth understanding of the Tragic Genre in Year 12, and Political Protest Literature in Year 13. Most English Literature students find the analytical and effective communication skills they develop are hugely beneficial in other subjects.

English is a flexible, adaptable subject that opens up various career choices, including roles in marketing, journalism, broadcasting and publishing.

Students often go on to study English in top universities and pursue stimulating careers, benefiting from the advanced literacy, communications and analytical skills laid down at Ffynone House.


In close partnership with the Performing Arts Department, we ensure the classroom experienced is enriched by a varied programme of interesting parallel activities. All students experience live drama performances in regional theatres and benefit from visiting Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. We also maximise the wonderful literary and performing arts resources on our doorstep.

Support for non-English speakers

International pupils for whom English is not their first language are particularly well catered for in our small classes with individual attention, tailored tuition and specialist support.