Business Studies

Students with understanding of today’s business environment are at an immediate advantage, and Business Studies is a popular subject at Ffynone House and at University. At both GCSE and A Level, students achieve excellent results with 100% A*-C grades. Approximately 50% of A Level pupils achieve A*-A grades.

Business Studies is fast-paced, interesting and relevant. We explore the way businesses are formed and operate to meet demand and customer satisfaction, and to make profits for investors. Students’ business decision-making skills are honed through simulated situations, and they are encouraged to take an interest in business current affairs.

Lessons involve lively discussion, case studies, video examples and news reviews. Real-world topics are examined including enterprise, marketing, accounting and finance, human factors, production and globalisation, external factors and the nature of markets.

Business DragonsEnterprise

Students participate in enterprise related competitions with regular success. Young Enterprise, the Young Dragons Competition and the Real Business Challenge all provide valuable opportunities to enhance business skills and build confidence with real, practical experience.

In recent years, awards have included “Best Company Report”, “Best Trade Stand”, “Best Marketing and Communications” and highly commended presentations.

AS and A Level

Business is a broad and interesting subject, which enhances career and university choices. The two-year A Level course is also available to students who have not previously studied business at GCSE. Small classes and specialist teaching ensures tuition is tailored to the needs of the group.

At advanced level, business leadership and strategy are explored in greater depth, and the causes and effects of business actions and government influences are evaluated. Students learn how to analyse and interpret data, to consider the advantages and disadvantages of particular courses of action, and how to present their findings in business reports.

Business Studies sits well with a wide variety of A Level combinations in both arts and science subjects and can open up new areas of interest. Many of our business students go on to study business related courses at leading universities and pursue diverse and successful careers.


Students have plenty of opportunity to see business in action behind the scenes with a range of interesting trips and visits to leading organisations, including Lloyds of London, the Bank of England, trading companies and other enterprises.