The quality of teaching is a particularly strong feature of the school’s work”  Estyn Inspectors

As an independent school, we have the flexibility to offer a curriculum that is tailored to the needs and aspirations of our pupils. An extensive range of subjects is provided, including some that are not widely available to examination level, such as German, French, Latin and Classics, and the Performing Arts. Welsh is not compulsory at Ffynone House School and our students do not study the Welsh Baccalaureate.


Students typically study ten GCSEs, including core and optional subjects, with early entry examinations available in Year 9 for talented students. Achievement is high across all disciplines and approximately two thirds of grades are at A-A*.

A Level

Deciding which A Levels to study is fundamental to success, and we offer a wide range of interesting subjects.  Students usually study four AS Levels in Year 12, leading to three A Levels in Year 13. This differs from state schools in Wales, where students are likely to sit only two A Levels with an Advanced Welsh Baccalaureate.

See our examination results page for more information on GCSE and A Level results.