Learning Support

Additional Learning Needs

Ffynone House School provides a welcoming and purposeful learning environment, where all our pupils are encouraged to fulfil their academic and personal potential.

Our highly experienced teachers, and the focus on individual attention provide a sound basis for learning for most pupils. However, some may have Additional Learning Needs (ALN) during their school career, requiring additional support.

ALN Coordinator

Ffynone House has a specialist Additional Learning Needs Coordinator to liaise, support and advise on many areas within the field of ALN and learning disabilities.

The ALN Coordinator has considerable experience and works in close partnership with pupils, their parents, the Ffynone House Examinations Officer and subject teachers, to ensure each child’s needs are fully understood and met. The ALN Coordinator also liaises with previous schools and outside agencies and facilitates a smooth transition into Ffynone House.


Our teachers know their pupils well and recognise the importance of making adjustments and using strategies to meet individual learning styles, including those for pupils with ALN. The aim is to strengthen pupil confidence, nurture individual talents, encourage ongoing progress, and help pupils achieve success.

Individuality and creativity are respected at Ffynone House. All pupils are encouraged to take part in school life, whether it be cultural activities, sporting events, creative and musical performances or adventurous challenges. We take pride in our inclusive philosophy and strong family ethos, so that all our pupils develop trust, and feel secure and equally valued.

English as an Additional Language

We also offer extra support for students for whom English is not their first language. Learning programmes are tailored to the needs of the individual and may include help or reinforcement with vocabulary and grammar, essay writing, reading, study skills in addition to wider curriculum support.

Study skills

All students are coached on a range of approaches to study, revision and exam technique. We also explain the importance of planning and organisation, teaching pupils how to set goals and objectives, and to prioritise and plan in order to manage their workload effectively. We aim to equip pupils with the skills and motivation that develop confidence in their own learning, so they are well prepared for life beyond school and inspired to know more.