A lifelong love of learning

Ffynone House pupils benefit from individual attention, inspiring and experienced teachers, and additional tuition where required. We equip students with the organisational skills, motivation and work ethic to serve them throughout life. We encourage curiosity and independent thinking and provide confidence-building opportunities with guidance and support.

The quality of teaching is a particularly strong feature of the school’s work.” Estyn Inspectors.


In line with most independent schools in Wales, we believe our students are best served by following the English examination system. For example, most Welsh schools and colleges do not offer the Welsh Baccalaureate, which is compulsory at both GCSE and A Level. Our students will leave school with qualifications immediately recognised as acceptable to all British universities and internationally.

In January of each year, parents of pupils in years 9 and 11 at any school are warmly invited to attend our options evening to receive guidance in choosing courses at GCSE and A Level.  See our Open Days and Visits page for more information.