Examination Results

Ffynone House GCSE results celebrationOur consistently outstanding A Level results and 100% pass rate year on year mean that Ffynone House is one of the top schools and colleges in Wales.

Each year, more than 90% of A Level grades are in the A*- C range, with over 70% in the all-important A*- B range, and more than a third of all grades since 2012 being A* or A.

At GCSE, attainment is very high across all disciplines and results are regularly at least 25% above the Welsh national average. Early entry GCSE students gain particularly high results.

Value Added

We are extremely proud of our outstanding results, which are far in excess of the national average, especially as we are a non-selective school. The ‘added value’ to our pupils is particularly pleasing and demonstrates our commitment to ensuring a Ffynone House education enables all students to progress further than would normally be expected.

The Yellis and Alis systems for measuring pupil achievement are used by many UK schools and colleges. Devised and run by the Centre for Education and Monitoring at Durham University, these two systems set targets for individual students at GCSE (Yellis) and A-level (Alis), based on computer baseline assessments. These systems are highly respected and it is heartening that every year a significant number of our students exceed their target by at least one grade.

FHS Excellent GCSE results2019 Results

Congratulations to all our Sixth Form students on their A level results as we once again maintain our 100% pass rate.  We are thrilled that all our Year 13 graduates will be progressing to their chosen Higher Education destinations and courses.

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We also celebrated another year of GCSE success in the demanding English specifications; graded using the 9-1 system.  Over half of all grades were at level 7 or above (equivalent to the old A/A*) with an impressive 19% at the ultra-high level 9.

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2018 Results

Ffynone House School A-level ResultsAn outstanding set of A-level results from Ffynone House School sees us maintain our superb 100% pass rate.  Over half of our students achieved grade A or above, with an impressive 68% achieving A*-B.  The difference a Ffynone A-level education makes is evident, given that the figure for A*-A grades in both Wales and in England is just 26%.

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2017 Results

Ffynone House School GCSE Results 2017

At A-level, we maintained our 100% pass rate for yet another year with excellent individual performances.  Over a third of all A-levels were graded A* or A.  56% passed at A*-B and a quarter of all entries exceeded personal targets as set by Alis tests in Year 12.

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Our GCSE students also did well in this year’s examinations.  With 44% of all exams being graded A*/A and 75% between A* and B, we are truly proud of their achievements.  91% of this year’s GCSE entrants met or exceeded their personal targets based on nationally recognised Yellis assessments, which set recent and demanding goals.

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2016 Results

FHS A Level Results 2016

Students excelled again at A Level, with 55% A*-A, compared with 22.7% in Wales, and 25.8% in the UK overall. In mathematics and science, 90% of grades were A*-B. Art students also performed well with an outstanding 100% A* grades.

The majority of students went on to their first choice Universities to study a range of subjects including Veterinary Science, Law, Economics, Mathematics and Sciences.

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FHS GCSE results 2016

GCSE results were also impressive with over a quarter graded A*, and  55% A*-A, compared with 19.4% in Wales and 20.5% in the UK overall.  GCSE Science results were notable again with 72.5% graded A*-A.

In addition, 64% of all entries met or exceeded their ‘Yellis’ targets set by the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring at Durham University.

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2015 Results

At A Level, 94% of grades were A*- C, compared with 74% in Wales, and the UK national average of 77%. Students of English continued to impress with 100% again achieving A*-B. Science and Mathematics also featured very strongly with 85% of students achieving grades A*-B. Our A Level students have since gone on to their chosen fields in medical and other sciences, humanities, business and management, finance and the performing arts.

At GCSE, 97% of grades were A*-C, compared with 69% nationally. The majority of students take ten or more GCSEs, with a good range of subject choices, and are not required to study the Welsh Baccalaureate.

2014 Results

At A Level, 66% A*-A grades far exceeded the national average of 26%, with another 100% pass rate. Our 95% A*-C rate was also very impressive compared with 77% nationally.

At GCSE, 65% A*-A, was also outstanding, with an overall 94% A*-C grades. This far exceeded the national averages and is excellent compared with other schools in the area.

athn_ffynone_a_levels_dl1_9080_med2013 Results

A Level students gained an impressive 100% pass rate with 72% A*-B, the all-important required for University. Mathematics and languages featured prominently with A* grades, and five students achieved A and A* grades in all their subjects.

Despite a drop in national GCSE results, Ffynone House students continued on the path of excellence, with 96% A*-C and 67% A*-A grades.