Aberfan Remembered

Aberfan Remembrance

On Friday 21st October, Ffynone House joined with the rest of Wales in remembering the tragic events fifty years ago in Aberfan. Students had been studying the disaster in History, which gave them a detailed understanding of the significance and magnitude of the tragedy. On that fateful day in 1966, pupils at Pantglas Junior School were just beginning their morning’s first lessons when the rushing landslide of mud and debris flooded into their classrooms. In only five minutes, the coal tip above the village slid down the mountain to engulf the school, a farm and several houses, killing 116 children and 28 adults.

Year 9 had composed thoughtful and sensitive imagery poems in English and devised a powerful performance in Drama. On the morning of the 50th anniversary, we held a special extended assembly, observed the minute’s silence and watched Year 9’s emotive verbatim theatre piece.