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Ffynone GCSE Success!

Ffynone House pupils celebrate A* grade GCSE success – again!

It was another bumper year of exam success as pupils at Ffynone House School in Uplands celebrated today (Tuesday 24th August) after receiving their GCSE exam results.

The school received an outstanding 97% A*-C pass rate at GCSE. Pupils from the school scored an excellent 61% A*/A grade pass rate. 

The school reinforced its reputation for outstanding achievement in sciences, languages, humanities and mathematics: Art gained 72% A*/A grades; Biology pupils achieved 77% A*/A grades; Chemistry pupils received 81% A*/A grades; French achieved an exemplary 86% A*/A grades; pupils studying German achieved 75% A* grades; Music pupils achieved 83% A*/A, and Latin achieved an excellent 100% A*/A grade record. Pupils studying English Literature achieved 90% A*-B grades.

The Ffynone Maths Department also achieved an excellent selection of results. Pupils achieved 83% A* - B grades. Pupils of Additional Mathematics gained 75% A/B grades (A* not available in this new qualification) and Statistics achieved 100% A grades in the first year it has been offered in Ffynone.

Out of a diverse year group every pupil who sat GCSE at Ffynone this year achieved their forecast grades or achieved higher grades than predicted.

Ffynone House School pupils celebrate consistently outstanding GCSE results

Exceptional results included:

  • Huw Fry attained 9 A*s and 2 A grades including one gained in Maths a year early. Huw also achieved an A* in external Welsh GCSE.
  • Sophie Cuttiford who achieved an outstanding 9A*grades and 1 A grade. She also gained an A in Drama GCSE externally.
  • Harley Morgan also achieved an outstanding 9A*grades and 1 A grade.
  • Carys Whittet, who was part of 2009-10’s Chemical Olympiad team who came 3rd overall in the national championships this year achieved 9 A* and 1 A grade.
  • Amy Bosworth attained 8A* grades and 2 A grades.
  • Emily Luprini-Lewis gained 6A*, 2 A and one C grades after achieving an A grade in early entry mathematics last year.
  • Sophie David gained 5A*s, 4As and a B grade.
  • Isabelle Sheldon achieved 5A*s, 3 A grades and 2 Bs.
  • Abigail Wilshire gained 1A*, 8A’s and a B grade.
  • Ellie Davies achieved 3 A*s, 6As and a B.
  • Joe Paulus achieved 3A*s, 5 As and 3 B grades.
  • Isla Evans achieved 3A*s, 5 As and two B grades.

Ffynone House pupils celebrate outstanding GCSE results Swansea GCSE success! Ffynone House School pupils celebrate excellent results. 

The school also entered four year 10 pupils for early entry Mathematics. Hannah Francis, Peter Jones, David Eves each received an A* grade and Steffanie Winsor received an A grade. David Eves also sat the ICT GCSE exam a year early and received an A grade.

All of the pupils who entered the exams achieved grades to be proud of,  reflecting the schools focus on hard work and its aim of encouraging pupils to achieve to the best of their abilities”, commented Nicola Walker, Head teacher at Ffynone House School,

I am delighted with our pupils GCSE results and would like to congratulate them all on their success. The high percentages of A* grades, A*-C passes and overall pass rate are a testament to the commitment of the staff at Ffynone House School and the hard work and dedication displayed by its pupils. These results will allow the students to take the next important step, whether that be A Levels, further study or into the world of work”.

The results come a week after the announcement that Ffynone House School had achieved a 100% pass rate at A Level for the second year in a row.

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