Scholastic Book Fair

Our book fair is open 8am-8.40 and 3.50-5pm every day this week.

We are extremely fortunate to be hosting a Scholastic Book Fair in the School Library next week.   Over £4000 worth of books will be available for purchase and more can be ordered if there is a strong demand for particular titles.

With a fortnight’s half-term just around the corner, the timing of this event could not be better!  Our students can stock up on plenty of shiny new books to devour over the holiday.  We cannot stress enough the importance of reading for developing vocabulary and widening the world view of our teenagers.  If they do not read quality writing, it is almost impossible for them to produce quality writing.

Perhaps you, yourself, are looking for inspiration for your own next read? There is plenty of writing for young adults that can rival anything written for adults, both in subject matter and writing style.  Why not buy a book that you and your child might enjoy and then talk about it with them when you have both read it?

There is no need to return an order form as students will have a chance to peruse the selection available during their English lessons on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Their English teachers will be with them to discuss the books and why particular titles appeal to them.  This will be a superb opportunity for students to get excited about books and create a real buzz about reading.  We will be trying to encourage even the most reluctant readers to dip their toe into a new book and will be helping them to make suitable, realistic choices to try and ensure your money is not wasted!

Our Finance Manager, Mrs Howden-Evans, will be handling all transactions.  Books can be purchased by:

  • Students choosing books during their English lessons and paying straightaway with cash brought in from home.
  • Students listing their chosen titles during their English lessons and parents coming in afterschool to pay and collect the books.
  • Parents coming in afterschool to look at the selection with their children and purchase any titles chosen.

Please come along and see what the event has to offer, we’d love every single student to go away with at least one book. We hope students, teachers and parents will end the half-term on a literary high!

Kind regards,

The English Department.